Synaesthesia: What is the Taste of Color Blue?
Creating a tactile book with an addition online to document and explore Synaesthesia Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

Over the last several months, the UCLA Art | Sci Center has partnered with Building Bridges Art Exchange and the International Association of Synesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS) to produce several groundbreaking events. There has been an art exhibition full of the work of synesthetic artists, an author’s reading with synesthetic physician Dr. Joel Salinas, a wine tasting with synesthetic sommelier Jaime Smith, and a performance by synesthetic musician Kaitlyn Hova. The IASAS also organized a symposium at the UCLA Art | Sci Center which explored cutting edge research into synesthesia, with keynote speakers including Dr. Salinas, Dr. Michael Banissy, and Dr. Richard Cytowic

These events are a singular achievement, and we want to document, preserve, and share the rare knowledge and artistic production that have been created. By contributing to the production of this book, you will be part of a historical undertaking to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences through exploration of a unique condition of the brain.

We are trying to raise $15,000 for the design and production of this gorgeous book. It will not only be filled with documentation of the artwork and essays by contributing scientists, but will also feature a tactile design and an online component. We are offering a number of fantastic perks along the way to our goal, including t-shirts, calendars, signed books and more!

Our three institutions have worked closely with dozens of artists and scientists over the last few months, and we would love to bring this book to life in order to document, preserve, and share our findings with the world.

Please join us, contribute if you can, and share!